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At the core of Aitekz AI solutions > The Scredible Knowledge App integrates information discovery, knowledge delivery, and progress scoring to learn what users don't know, then deliver what each user must know — in time and in context with needs.

The Knowledge App

  • Learns, understands, and tracks users' evolving goals
  • Applies user insight data to inform deep real-time research
  • Delivers trending news and content in context with subscriber's ever-changing needs
  • Integrates focused skills training and education resources to keep users' knowledge current
  • Provides continuous alerts on trending topics then drafts, suggests, or recommends response
  • Automates social media and stream publishing
  • Builds networks, monitors activity, and reports

As the Scredible App works to deliver knowledge, the system's AI core absorbs and learns the needs of each user, team, or enterprise. Machine learning informs the Aitekz Education App to:

  • Automate needs analysis and generate curricula
  • Create granular education and training frameworks
  • Define individual and enterprise learning modules
  • Provide advanced analytics on core KPIs
  • Source, match, and aggregate education content
  • Deliver continuous learning and close the skills gap
Scredible App

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