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The entire wealth management sector is undergoing significant change. Traditional players are under threat as digital technologies disrupt client expectations, challenge the industry structure, and empower investors.

Providing instant access to user-configurable knowledge parsed from deep news, social, and market data feeds, the Aitekz PPI system is designed to inform decisions on qualitative and quantitative changes in price, demand, sentiment, and other key change indicators. This combination allows Investment Managers to:

  • Flex market intelligence to make faster, smarter decisions
  • View developing trends for a competitive edge
  • Gain marketing insights to accelerate new client growth
  • Update skills through continuing education
  • Mitigate risk with real-time compliance tools

Absorbing real-time data from multiple sources including:

  • Public and private equity, debt, and currency markets
  • Venture capital, merger, and acquisition data feeds
  • Government and regulatory organisation data
  • Traditional, social media, and curated news sources

The App looks for patterns and trends, with specific reference to the individual user’s needs. With a single knowledge dashboard focused on asset growth, the combination ensures that users work not only faster, but smarter too.

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In summary, benefits include:

  • Access to timely, precise information on multiple asset classes, sectors, and companies
  • Predictive data and live market insights to drive productivity, manage risk, and optimise growth
  • Automated systems to increase returns and cut costs
  • Multiple medium communication tools to build client base
  • The time to capitalise on data, and the knowledge to apply